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Animal Control Services

If natures’ little and sometimes not so little critters decide to make your property their home Hoosier Termite & Pest Control can help. From the friendly raccoon who loves to eat from your trash can to the bats that have taken over your attic.

Wildlife in residential areas can cause serious health concerns and in some cases thousands of dollars of property damage. Hoosier Termite & Pest Control has decades of experience in capturing, removing, and excluding the areas where wildlife has invaded your property to prevent their return.

Some of the most common wildlife issues in the Indiana and Kentucky area are:


Bats spread disease in their droppings and can carry Bat Bugs (similar to Bed Bugs) that can infest your home. Once bats are removed, professionally excluding your property is a must or they will return. Since bat droppings can carry airborne bacteria that can cause disease, cleaning and disinfecting areas of bat guano should be done by a licensed professional with the proper training and equipment.


Bird nest in dryer and exhaust vents can be a serious safety causing house fires and other health hazards. If you have large population of birds living in attic or pole barn spaces besides the foul smell their droppings can carry bacteria and disease, which becomes a health concern. Migratory birds such as geese can become aggressive during nesting and pollute your lake or pond with their feathers and droppings.


Raccoons can be one of the area’s biggest pests. Beside the mess they can make by raiding your trash, they are known for destroying gardens and crops. Raccoons are also notorious for gaining access to your home’s attic or crawl space causing damage to your roof, insulation and electrical wiring. Raccoons can be carriers of Rabies and may also carry other diseases in their feces and urine. Besides just trapping the raccoons that have invaded your home it is important that proper exclusion is done to keep out other animals that may use those existing entry points, such as squirrels, bats, and opossums.


The Kentuckiana area is home several varieties of snakes. While most are not venomous, they can still be unnerving if they take up residence under your crawlspace, in your garage or in the walls of your home. There are 4 venomous species of snakes in Indiana and Kentucky area, the Copperhead, the Cottonmouth, Pigmy Rattlesnake and the Timber Rattlesnake. All 4 snakes are part of the pit viper family.






*Be aware that there are State/Federal regulations involved with removing some animals including bats and migratory birds. Be sure to hire a professional to do these services)

In need of Animal Control Service in Southern Indiana and Louisville Ky?

Call Hoosier Termite & Pest Control today to put the wildlife back where it belongs.

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